Early Learning and Childcare Provision

Our ELC has its own classroom within Kilmodan Primary School which provides an engaging, stimulating and safe learning environment. The classroom has access to the outdoors including an area specific for pupils in the ELC. When pupils arrive at the ELC they are encouraged to take off their own outdoor clothing, at this time parents have an opportunity to share information with staff. A parent notice board is located within the ELC, this gives information for parents and carers on current issues and topics being covered.

Along with all other ELCs in Argyll and Bute, Kilmodan ELC provides the 1140 hours initiative with ELC places available from 0900-1500, Monday to Friday. Parents/carers have the choice to enrol their child either part time or full time. Pupils who attend full time can request a school meal for lunch or bring their own packed lunch.

There are two members of staff within the ELC, a Childcare and Education Worker and Classroom Assistant. Both members of staff provide stimulating learning experiences for all pupils within the ELC.

The ELC provides excellent opportunities for preparing pupils for Primary 1. Pupils in the ELC participate in as many whole school activities as possible, including Forest School, Assembly, sports day, paired reading and many classroom activities including maths topics such as Time, Information Handling and Measure. From August 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, our ELC children are not able to mix with primary school pupils to take part in these activities. This is a temporary measure until restrictions are eased.

In Kilmodan ELC we aim to offer the highest quality service that recognises the valuable early learning experiences that children have at home or in various settings for pre-school education. We aspire to create an environment where, in sharing values and beliefs, all children are encouraged to be motivated, confident individuals, able to develop their skills and intellectual awareness to the best of their abilities. We do this with the full support of school staff, families and partner agencies. This will enable every child to have a positive sense of achievement and enthusiasm, which will be the foundation of their future life skills.